Sunday, July 18, 2010

Water in the Garden

There is nothing like a water feature to take your mind off of summer heat.    Still water is reflective and  calms the spirit. 


Oehme, vanSweden & Associates


Oehme, VanSweden & Associates


Water can support plant life …


Blasen Landscape Architecture

as well as fish!


Ecoaquatics Ltd.


Blasen Landscape Architecture


Bill Bauer


The sound of moving water can drown out nearby unwanted sounds such as traffic, barking dogs or loud neighbors.



Michael Kersting


It is human nature to be drawn to water and there is no better focal point or feature for the garden.

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  1. I'm for it. These all look very expansive though. P.S. got a Bald Head invitation for this fall. Very small chance we can do it but it got our imaginations going.


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