Saturday, March 20, 2010

Beyond the Yellow Brick Road

This paving sort of reminds me of the yellow brick road …


Looks very slick.  Must be in a dry climate.  I think it would be very slick if it got wet.   Can’t say I approve of the way it adjoins the brick path beyond at such an angle.   Also, I have to wonder who is going to want to sit on that bench?  It looks like a dead end to me.  I have to assume there must be a view?

Pretty colors though!  Thoughts?


  1. love the color and the movement...and the plantings! I would love my front path to be like that!

  2. It looks interesting but I don't particularly want to be there. I can't "get it" without seeing in context.

  3. I agree, the colors are really nice..., but it's a bit too slick for my taste.

  4. I do like the colors and shape, but the bench seems awkward - you're right, there must be a view. Also, is that a chain-link fence behind the wall? Oh, it's so much easier to be a critic than a designer . . .

  5. It isn't slick- it is just wet concrete. It is very typical to wet down concrete areas before a photo shoot to make the colors more rich. If you look at concrete patios in common garden magazines like Sunset, you'll notice this is a very common trick. Another common trick in magazine-quality garden photography is to fill in the composition of a photograph by adding furniture, often in places that would be hugely unlikely in real life but look good in the photo. It just goes to show that you can't always believe what you see!



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