Thursday, July 22, 2010

A New Logo for BP?

Not to make light out of what is occurring in the Gulf of Mexico, but some very clever designers have created new logos for British Petroleum.   Over at you can enter to win $200 by designing a new logo for BP.  Here are some of my favorites.















Go Here to read the Contest Brief and see the hundreds of entries. 

Finally, if you are in need of a graphic logo, this might be the website for you!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Water in the Garden

There is nothing like a water feature to take your mind off of summer heat.    Still water is reflective and  calms the spirit. 


Oehme, vanSweden & Associates


Oehme, VanSweden & Associates


Water can support plant life …


Blasen Landscape Architecture

as well as fish!


Ecoaquatics Ltd.


Blasen Landscape Architecture


Bill Bauer


The sound of moving water can drown out nearby unwanted sounds such as traffic, barking dogs or loud neighbors.



Michael Kersting


It is human nature to be drawn to water and there is no better focal point or feature for the garden.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Triscuit promotes Grow Your Own

Nothing compares to fresh-picked home grown fruits and vegatables!

A big Green Thumbs Up to Triscuit who has joined the Home Grown movement!  Partnering with non-profit Urban Farming, Triscuit has created a home farming website where novices and pros can meet to inspire, encourage, brainstorm and generally interact.  It’s all about home farming and the every day joy that grows out of it!

The website tells you all about how to go about growing your own fruits and vegetables at home as well as where you can go for assistance.  Finally, Truiscuit and Urban Farming are working together to create 50 community-based home farms.  To find a location near you, visit this Map
Learn more about it at Triscuit’s Home Farming website.