Sunday, August 30, 2009

Giveaway Today!

One of my favorite bloggers, Maya, at Completely Coastal is hosting a giveaway from Black & Light Candles.  Check it out by clicking on the image!


And while your’e there, check out her fabulous blog!

Friday, August 28, 2009

2009 Pantone Color of the Year in the Garden

We all know that the Pantone Color of 2009 is Mimosa

This beautiful color can be found all over the garden in many different flowers.  One does not have to look hard to find it in just about any garden, especially at this time of year!


  NiinaC at flickr


 jpc101 at flickr


Bettendorf Photography at flickr


michael's photos at flickr

Canna Lily:

Mrs. Ramsay at flickr


agdenza at flickr


Gaetan Lee at flickr


Sam Howzit at flickr

Yellow Trumpet Vine:

Mohamad~ at flickr

In late summer, this color can be found front and center!  Many of these flowers are in full bloom now!

This week, I’m hooked on Mimosa, the 2009 Pantone Color of the year.  To find out what others are hooked on this Friday, visit Hooked on House's Friday Blog Party or The Inspired Room's Beautiful Life Party today!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Modern Classics for the Masses

Any one who knows furniture will think of these three chairs first when considering the modern classics.

The Eames Lounge Chair and ottoman, Charles and Ray Eames, 1956


The Barcelona Chair, Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe, 1920

The LC2 Armchair, Le Corbusier, 1928


Now, here is something else to consider.

Who knew that someone would have the brilliant idea to turn these expensive timeless classics into cheap outdoor plastic stackables?

For his final thesis project at the Royal College of Art in London, Design Student Dirk Winkel came up with “A Stacking Hommage” offering a new take on these mid-Century Modern Classics.  By turning the Eames Lounge Chair, the Barcelona Chair and the Corbusier LC2 Chair into lightweight plastic stackables, Winkel has made them affordable to the masses!   We can only hope that one day, these lightweight classics will make their way into the aisles of  Walmart, Target or Ikea and into the hearts of the masses, eventually replacing these beauties, or should I say uglies, across porches and patios everywhere.

This week, I’m hooked on reproducing modern classic furniture into affordable plastic stackables for use outdoors!  To see what others are hooked on, please visit Hooked on Houses’ Friday Blog Party HERE or The Inspired Room’s Beautiful Life Friday HERE

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tree Houses

Pete Nelson is a builder and designer of treehouses.  He has traveled the world photographing them and now brings them to us in his book entitled New TREEHOUSES of the WORLD

Get it Here.

Here are some of his own as well as others.

Imagine, living in the trees!  Pete also has a blog called The Treehouse Guy.  Check it out!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Consume less, Share more


I saw this bumper sticker on a car today …



… and it made me think. 

So, when I got home, I googled it and found this …


The Global Warming Survival Guide:  51 Ways to Save the Environment

Number 51:  Consume less, share more, live simply

Here is the Full List:

  • Turn Food Into Fuel
  • Get Blueprints For a Green House
  • Change Your Lightbulbs
  • Light Up Your City
  • Pay the Carbon Tax
  • Ditch the Mansion
  • Hang Up a Clothes Line
  • Give New Life to Your Old Fleece
  • Build a Skyscraper
  • Turn Up the Geothermal Heat
  • Take Another Look at Vintage Clothes
  • Capture the Carbon
  • Let Employees Work Close to Home
  • Ride the Bus
  • Move to a High-Rise
  • Pay Your Bills Online
  • Open a Window
  • Ask the Experts For An Energy Audit of Your Home
  • Buy Green Power, At Home or Away
  • Check the Label
  • Cozy Up to Your Water Heater
  • Skip the Steak
  • Copy California
  • Just Say No to Plastic Bags
  • Support your local farmer
  • Plant a bamboo fence
  • Straighten up and fly right
  • Have a green wedding
  • Remove the tie
  • Shut off your computer
  • Wear green eye shadow
  • Kill the Lights At Quitting Time
  • Rearrange the Heavens and the Earth
  • Rake in the Fall Colors
  • End the Paper Chase
  • Play the Market
  • Think Outside the Packaging
  • Trade Carbon for Capital
  • Make Your Garden Grow
  • Get a Carbon Budget
  • Fill'er Up With Passengers
  • Pay For Your Carbon Sins
  • Move to London's New Green Zone
  • Check Your Tires
  • Make One Right Turn After Another
  • Plant a Tree in the Tropics
  • If You Must Burn Coal, Do it Right
  • Drive Green on the Scenic Route
  • Set a Higher Standard
  • Be aggressive about passive
  • Consume Less, Share More, Live Simply
  • Who knew?

    To get the bumper sticker, go Here or Here.

    Sunday, August 9, 2009

    Zen View

    According to Christopher Alexander’s A Pattern Language, a zen view  is to

    be found within the home or garden in an unexpected place which he calls the  transition zone.  It provides a

    glimpse of something truly beautiful.




    Griffin Enright Architects

    Where is your zen view?