Sunday, January 11, 2009

Scenes from the Winter Garden ...

All photos are by Cheryl Pedemonti, except Photo 2 by Nick Boren and Photo 5 by Amadika. Winter will be gone before we know it, so here are some images to enjoy while it is here. To see and enjoy a larger version of this mosaic, just click on the image.


  1. Love the winter scenes, and, you're right, winter will be gone before you know it. I also love outdoors spaces, so I hope you have a lot of good tips for me.

  2. Hi Geri! Thanks for your comment! Please stick around -- I will be getting into the design of outdoor spaces in short order. For now, I am trying to proceed in a logical progression starting with the site analysis which is the first step in the creation of outdoor spaces. The next article in my design series will be all about how we use plants in our everyday lives and in the creation of outdoor spaces.

  3. Thanks for stopping by HG! I hope you will stop by more often. When it gets a little warmer I'll talk more about outdoor spaces and design with lots of photos that you may be interested in from a design standpoint. Stay WARM!

  4. Gorgeous images! There is something so beautiful about the landscape of winter. One of my favorite paintings - not sure if it is in London or Boston? - is a Monet landscape of winter. Talk about hard to capture - all of the millions of shades of white and gray in a snowscape!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today.


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