Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Weekly Garden Fix

From Phillips Farevaag Smallenberg, a Checkerboard Park in B.C. 
Wall Centre, Vancouver, British Columbia

Thought I’d post this since all eyes seem to be on Vancouver these days …


  1. I love the pavers, or all sizes. Top picture is checkerboard overdose but I like it. But it looks like art and folks are walking past it. I think my just have to visit and see for myself.

  2. looks like a playland for work-a-holics. going to and from work with a break in a refreshing quirky garden.

  3. Hi well let me tell u that for a fix a garden you need a lot of time to do this .

  4. Interesting to hear your impression of Vancouver. I'm familiar with this area...Checkerboard patterns not so apparent when one is in garden...yet clearly apparent when viewed from hotel/residences above. This is a much used greenspace in centre of city...this site previously held an old brick high school surrounded by gravel as groundcover. thx, Andrea


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