Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wisteria Lane

It’s time for Wisteria to bloom!  Wisteria sinensis or Chinese wisteria is a beauty!   This vigorous twining vine is native to Asia.  It is especially prized for its beautiful pendulous  blossoms each spring. 


Widely seen across the east, Wisteria is extremely hardy and long-lived.  It has the ability to climb high and will climb anything that it can, including native trees, eventually overtaking them.  If left on its own, Wisteria has the ability to become invasive. 

In the garden, it must be supported with sturdy architecture and managed.  It’s flowers are pea-like and range from white to pink to violet blue and purple.  The flower clusters can grow from six inches to 20 inches in length and are extremely fragrant!

wisteria%20alba Wisteria sinensis ‘Alba’ is extremely fragrant.

This plant is now found from Maine to Florida and west to Arkansas.  It prefers full sun and well-drained soils.

Walk with me down Wisteria Lane.



  1. So pretty! Reminds me of Ravello, Italy.

  2. The Wisteria is just starting to come out in Atlanta. Pretty blog you have.

  3. The fragrance is one of those permanent memories. You can smell wisteria driving 60 in the right places. One of the pretties things I've seen is white wisteria and yellow roses growing over a porch at Boone Hall north of Charleston. The fragrance almost knocked me over.

  4. You know...I have never, in any of our homes, had the pleasure of Wisteria. Loved the Dan Fogelberg song back in the catalog. But never grew the vine. It is soooo beautiful. Think it is out of our zone, though.

  5. I love wisteria and used to covet it when I lived in the Midwest. It grows here like mad and I've been going to take photos. Maybe today.

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  7. My wisteria is growing up into my birch trees but it is so beautiful and when it blooms its even more it going to eventually kill my trees? should i not allow it to grow up into the trees?

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