Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Let’s go to the Tree Museum!

The Tree Museum opened it’s gates recently near Upper Lake Zurich, Switzerland.  The brain child of Enzo Enem, this outdoor museum was “conceived as an oval-shaped, open-air museum, divided into a series of rooms, each with their own atmosphere and character.”  The museum features approximately 50 trees from the collection of Enem.  It’s intent is to emphasize the exceptional beauty and presence of the individual trees where the plants are shown unnaturally as individuals and not as part of the group.




A new way of appreciating nature, perhaps?  Read more about it Here.


  1. I can't think of the trees so much as imagining the trees growing in ruins.

    P.S. Pam. I'm glad you mentioned it. I've been to Bald Head for 2 little vacations. Seem to remember a scary climb in Old Baldy. Do I remember an older lifesaving station? What I remember most was standing on Cape Fear and watching the tide come in, almost lake-like calm to the east and the tumult to the south as the water overwashed the ripples (understatement) in the shoal's sand.

  2. What can I say, my hometown is a cool place!

  3. Maya, then you will get a chance to visit it! How exciting. You must report back to us about your experience!

  4. Oh wow, that is SO cool!!!! I love how the individual trees stand out against the white stone walls. Each tree really becomes a piece of art.

    Thanks so much for sharing the pictures of this amazing museum -- I'm off to read more about it right now :-)


  5. Lovely photo!




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