Friday, August 20, 2010

Cool Works of Art

Here’s something to cool you off from the summer heat!  Duncan Hamilton and his team of ice sculptors create beautiful and temporary works of art for any occasion.


London Skyline


Ashe Park Beverage in Leicester, England


Disco Ball on Ice


Skate Board


Dining al fresco with Ashe Park beverages


Check mate!


Pink Ribbon Home




How COOL is this!  Which one do you like best?  Find out more about Duncan Hamilton and his team and see more of their work at Duncan’s website Here


  1. I presume the carve in a deep freeze. Brr.

  2. I thought the same as Terry. Must have been a bear to carve these pieces. I like the Pink Ribbon House.

  3. So awesome. The table is spectacular..., and of course I love the shell too!

  4. This is UBER-cool!!! WOW!!! What a shame that they melt eventually...

    They're all spectacular, I don't think I can choose just one favourite!! I guess the London skyline probably stands out the most for me. And the table & chairs is cool :-) And the shell is beautiful :-)



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