Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hot fireplaces for modern homes

“Gate” by Carsten Gollnick for Conmoto is a built-in fireplace for the home that looks like furniture.  It consists of twin glossy black cabinets with glass fronts.  One side contains the wood-burning fireplace while the other stores the wood. 

How simple is that?

If you’re not into the vertical design, look at this horizontal fireplace design from Peter Maly for Conmoto.

Or consider this round option called “Roll Fire” by Sieger Design for Conmoto.  This flueless fireplace could fit just about anywhere indoors or out.

Who would have predicted 10 years ago that we’d now have moveable fireplaces in the home or furniture that doubles as fireplaces?



  1. Really, such a beautiful idea to design an interior of your home landscape. Glossy black cabinets are looking very glorious. Thanks for this unique concept.
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  2. Beautiful! The long & low horizontal one is my favourite. I'm thinking it would look great in our loft :-)


  3. These are just silly. Fireplaces with no chimneys, brilliant. Do they burn 'modern' wood that produces zero smoke?


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