Sunday, July 10, 2011

From Strawberry Pots to Tabletops

Suddenly, succulents are not just for strawberry pots anymore.  Remember when succulent plants looked like this?

Nowadays, in our waterwise world, they are looking more like this…
or this …

or this …
Yes, our beloved Hens and Chicks have found a new use or should I say many new uses.  They have become the plant of choice for living walls, green roofs and even tabletops! 

Sunset Magazine online can teach you how to make a tabletop garden such as this, step by step.

Janice Eaton Kilby wrote the book on beautiful tabletop gardens.
And J Peterson at Garden Design gave it a pretty good review.
Yes, succulents have come a long way.  With their good looks, low water requirements and low maintenance appeal, they have become the plant poster child for the green movement.


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  1. Wow. I should really be doing more with succulents. I hate to miss a trend! Alas the garden budget is spent for the year.


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