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A Rose is a Rose is a Rose

When we think of Valentine’s Day, the image of the red rose comes to mind.

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Did you know?

    • The rose is the favorite flower of 85% of Americans.
    • In 1986, then President Ronald Reagan signed legislation making the rose the official National Flower of the United States.
    • George Washington bred roses at his home.
    • A fossilized rose, which was 35 million years old, was found in Florissant, Colorado.
    • Over 900 acres of greenhouse roses are harvested in the United States every year. 60% of these are grown in California.
    • Florists sell millions of roses each year in the United States. The two biggest days for sales are Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. Christmas is the third highest day for rose sales.
    • Columbus’ crew picked a rose branch out of the ocean on October 11, 1492. This signaled the presence of land. The very next day, Columbus discovered America.
    • Rose hips contain more Vitamin C than any other fruit or vegetable.
    • Ancient Romans believed that white roses grew where the tears of Venus fell when she was mourning Adonis.
    • Shakespeare referred to roses over fifty times in his works.
    • Mythology says that roses grew thorns when Cupid accidentally shot an arrow into a rose garden.
    • The oldest rose in the world has flourished for over 1,000 years on the wall of Hildeshiem Cathedral in Germany. *

*From: All you need to know about growing beautiful roses in your garden

Most people, when asked to name a flower, will name a rose first. Ever wonder what the color of a rose means? This information from ProFlowers Florapedia will tell you.

Red Roses


Red roses are the traditional symbol for love and romance, and a time-honored way to say "I love you." The red rose has long symbolized beauty and perfection. A bouquet of red roses is the perfect way to express your deep feelings for someone special.
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Pink Roses


As a symbol of grace and elegance, the pink rose is often given as an expression of admiration. Pink roses can also convey appreciation as well as joyfulness. Pink rose bouquets often impart a gentler meaning than their red counterparts.
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Yellow Roses


The bright, sunny color of yellow roses evokes a feeling of warmth and happiness. The warm feelings associated with the yellow rose are often akin to those shared with a true friend. As such, the yellow rose is an ideal symbol for joy and friendship.
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White Roses


White roses represent innocence and purity and are traditionally associated with marriages and new beginnings. The white rose is also a symbol of honor and reverence, and white rose arrangements are often used as an expression of remembrance.
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Orange Roses


With their blazing energy, orange roses are the embodiment of desire and enthusiasm. Orange roses often symbolize passion and excitement and are an expression of fervent romance. A bouquet of orange roses will send a meaningful message.
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Lavender Roses


The unique beauty of the lavender rose has captured many hearts and imaginations. With their fantastical appearance, lavender roses are a perfect symbol of enchantment. The lavender rose is also traditionally used to express feelings of love at first sight.
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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. I don't like red roses at all. I must be in the minority. I almost posted on it.

    I love silver roses. I don't think it's the same as lavender. I used to buy them in Chicago - tea roses. And I grew them but I don't remember the name.

    Happy V-Day!!


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