Saturday, November 14, 2009

Spotlight on Philip Nixon Design

Awesome firm!  Note the use of solids and voids.  An excellent display of plants used for traffic control and circulation. 

I also love the use of the planters and water elements throughout the design.

 Chelsea, London

It is also very well illuminated.

This project is a residential one.  The fence is a nice backdrop for the outdoor living spaces and doubles as wood storage for a firepit.

These trees look espaliered to me.  They serve as a high privacy screen.  I would love to see them in winter without their leaves.

 Berkley House, Gloustershire, England

   Want more?  Visit Philip Nixon Design.


  1. These are beautiful but something nags me about them: the severe control, more art than nature. I'd like to see more of the building to see the garden in context.

  2. Beautiful gardens :-) I love the water feature in the third picture and the feathery grasses in the last picture.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. Victoria totally surprised me with the purple post!! Yeah, she's a pretty good blog partner :-)


  3. Holy smokes! Love these. I especially like the wood fence with the wood storage for the fire pit.

  4. WOW! i just discovered your blog and am in love. as a landscape designer am totally taken with this designer.
    he has mastered the art of form, texture, shadow interplay and light. great inspiration
    thank you for the introduction!
    5th and state


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