Friday, May 22, 2009

TGIF - Inspiration

It’s Spring and I have found a little inspiration from two of my favorite Landscape Architects Wolfgang Oehme and James VanSweden. This house is on Long Island Sound and they say it was once owned by Charles Lindberg. The job involved a new design for the grounds, a motor court, sensitive seaside planting and shoreline refurbishment. As you can tell from these photographs, they design using broad strokes and a native plant palette.


These gentlemen have written a book entitled Gardening With Nature. To me, all of their work is so natural and harmonious to its existing environment that it is hard to tell where they begin and the natural setting ends.


It is so harmonious, it reads as one with its setting. The grasses and perennials placed in the yard mimic and link to the native marsh grasses beyond.


Wouldn’t you just love to spend your Memorial Day weekend in a place like this?

To learn more about Oehme and VanSweden and their work visit their firm website Here. To see what others are hooked on this Memorial Day Weekend, visit Hooked on House's "Hooked on Fridays" or Fifi Flowers' Fashionable Fridays. I wish you all a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend where ever you may be!


  1. I love all the grasses. It looks very seasidey and natural. Have a happy holiday!

  2. Oooooh I would sooooo like to be THERE... how do I get there NOW?
    Bon week-end!

  3. It's beautiful. I like how the grasses and bushes seem to billow out like clouds of different colors and textures.

    How can ordinary folks apply some of these ideas to a 1/4 acre lot? Normal folks couldn't begin maintain something like this; but we'd certainly enjoy a bit of that "look" in our yard.

  4. Positively divine! I really need to get more grasses in my gardens. I just haven't picked up any yet. They seem to be expensive and the one I did get didn't come back (and it was rated for our zone).

  5. Terry,
    It's really simple to get this look! First, you must properly prepare raised beds (amended of course). Next, you plant plants that like the same conditions in nature -- right plant in the right place type of thing. Then, you use broad strokes. Plant large masses of the same plants interwoven together (as opposed to onesy-twosy-type stuff). Many of the grasses seen in these pictures will do beautifully up and down the east coast -- pennisetums, miscanthes, and panicums. Then add plants with contrasting textures such as dwarf yaupon hollies, or Knockout roses. Finally, add some hardy perennials with varying texture or colored foliage as well as varying bloom times such as Black-eyed susans, daylilys, lantana, etc. Then, Voila! You've got it!

  6. Hi Pam, I have to admit, I'm completely ignorant when it comes to anything that isn't an annual. I know those are boxwoods I used and a special grafted lilac but I have no idea which one :( I will ask my brother-in-law, the landscaper.....maybe he knows!

  7. Oh, that landscaping is gorgeous!!! Yes, I would very happily spend ANY weekend there!!!

    I planted a couple more juncus effusus today. Each one is in its own pot, so they can really show off their cool curls :-)

    Enjoy your long weekend!!

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  8. They are definitely masters at their craft...

  9. HEy Pam! Your blog is just GORGEOUS!!!! And the photography - stunning! Are you the photog? If so, I need your help!!!!

    Happy Weekend!
    Louise @ Scarf It Up!

  10. I'LL say that is inspiration! Wowza wow wow!

  11. Where do you find these gorgeous shots?!

  12. I absolutely would! Love the grass on that last image!!

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  14. I love this blog! I most enjoy taking pictures of the outdoors, gardens, flowers, scenery, etc.

  15. Hi Pam! Just found your blog thru Networked blogs on f/book. Great blog you have - I love your choice of pics to demonstrate a thought or a concept! This lot on this post are just fantastic. I do garden design (amongst other things) in Soouth Arica, so it's always great to see what other people are doing around the world!


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