Friday, December 28, 2012

Playgrounds for the Ages

Playgrounds aren’t just for kids anymore!  Gone are the playgrounds of yesteryear …

merry go rounds


They are OUT with the old. 

Here is what is IN with the new …

Playgrounds for all ages.  The new trend in playground design is the creation of MULTI-generational facilities that will accommodate seniors as well as children and everyone in-between.


Fun for all ages!

Playgrounds senior

Playgrounds today are designed to be ACCESSIBLE to everyone.  Double-wide ramps and handrails allow just about any person to enter and play.

Accessible DoubleWide_Ramp_PopUp

Play equipment is placed at just the right height for use by all!


Playground surfaces are soft and firm allowing everyone, young or old, to have access to the area.  Landscape Structures has developed a PebbleFlex® surfacing system that provides enhanced safety and durability.  This material is softer, making for a safer play surface.  It comes in a variety of colors and will accommodate custom graphics.

Concrete walks as well as sitting areas are built around the perimeter to allow walking surfaces for mom’s who want a little exercise while keeping a close eye on their children at play.


Today’s playgrounds are better than ever and FUN for all ages!

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