Friday, January 18, 2013

Old Thing, New Use


Invasion Verde is a public park and play space in Lima, Peru that utilizes old car tires as street planters.  Created by architects Genaro Alva, Denise Ampuero, Gloria Andrea Rojas and industrial designer Claudia Ampuero, the street garden was completed in 2010 for the “Gran Semana de Lima,” otherwise known as Lima’s Great Week.



The public street garden also features mounds of grass with implanted tires that can be used for seating or for climbing on.




What other new uses can you think of for old car tires? 


  1. Creative recycling. I love it! Have you seen the New York Harbor boat house that I posted about a while back, they use tires too..., you can check it out here: Unique Historic Ellis Island Ferry. Tires could also be painted!

  2. This is really recycling at its best! There are so many old tires that end up in land fills, it's so great to see them being put to good use :-)

    One of the best re-uses of old tires I've seen is furniture :-)


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