Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Weekly Garden Fix

A San Francisco residential garden conceived as “Outdoor Architecture for every day living.”

The curved bronze wall with the fountain is very dramatic against the light limestone paving.  I love the drama, but I’d also like to see more seating and/or outdoor living in this space. 




The residential garden is composed of a series of three walled/enclosed outdoor spaces.  Each of the garden rooms is different and separated from the other.  There are thresholds through which one must exit and enter. 




The garden is very monochromatic and consists of greenery along with both bronze and transparent walls, and light limestone or gray slate paving materials.




This entrance into the garden is most inviting to me.  The half-open door is beckoning and makes me want to enter the space to see what the wall is concealing.




I think the spaces are very contemporary and intriguing, albeit a bit cold.  I would love to see how the different garden spaces or rooms are used in real life, wouldn’t you?  The garden was designed by Lutsko Associates for a residence in San Francisco. 


I hope you are off to a good start in 2013.  Please stop by here weekly!


  1. Awesome garden. It looks so peaceful and green.

  2. i like it.... Fantastic images. flower bed ornaments don't have to be costly. Often utilising natural finds can have the identical effect as something that has been manufactured. For example, pieces of driftwood assembled from a sandy shore can look spectacular brandished in a gravel flower bed.
    Architecture design


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