Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Garden Love


A wonderful composition of right angles and rectangles.


Arterra Landscape Architects


Why does this work for me?  Because it is harmonious and well balanced.  Can you see the similar form, line, color and texture?   When these elements are in agreement, we have unity. 

The composition is nicely balanced.  The tall copper planter and tree balance and anchor the horizontal heaviness of the concrete planter perfectly.   I love how the copper fountain serves to bring your eye down the backdrop wall to the top of the planter and continuing down the runnel that bisects and than protrudes beyond the concrete planter.  Your eye then catches the falling water down to the pool level that is beneath the ground plane.  It is all very soothing.  Notice how all of the plants have similar color and form.  They serve to soften the hard lines of the hardscape elements and bring your eye down as well.

What a wonderful spot to hang out next to on a warm summer’s day.  The sound of the water would drown out any unpleasant sounds from the surrounding area.  Just being near the water would provide a cooling and tranquil effect.  A true garden oasis.

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  1. Unique design and and I would want to try this at home. Maybe my wife will love this when she see this in our garden.

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