Friday, March 29, 2013

2013 Perennial Plant of the Year


Polygonatum odoratum ‘Variegatum’ or Variegated Solomon’s Seal has been named the 2013 Perennial Plant of the year by the Perennial Plant Association.

This shade-loving ground cover was picked for it’s hardiness in a wide planting zone range (Zones 4 to 8) .  Growing 18 to 24-inches tall and wide, the plant spreads by underground rhizomes to form “colonies” or mass plantings.  Solomon’s Seal is an excellent choice for the shady to partly sunny woodland garden as its variegated foliage can be used to lighten up a dark or shady spot in the garden.  The plant is known better for its arching evergreen leaves that are lush and variegated than for its hanging white flowers that bloom in Spring. 


Spanish Bluebells (Hyacinthoides hispanica) is an excellent companion plant for Variegated Solomon’s Seal!  And you all know that I am a HUGE fan of planting bulbs in with groundcovers.  I do it all the time in my practice - it gives more seasonal interest to a mass of groundcover.


You’ll want to plant Solomon’s Seal in a shady spot that is moist but well-drained.  Variegated Solomon’s Seal is an excellent low-growing ground cover that will colonize but not spread all over the garden.



Each year, Perennial Plant Award winners are chosen by the members of the Perennial Plant Association for the plant's beauty, durability, suitability to a wide range of climate types, low maintenance, multiple seasonal interest, and easy growing nature.

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