Saturday, March 7, 2009

Curb Appeal

Here is an example of the “right” plant in the “right” place!


These plants look very dense, green and happy in this little patch of dirt! They probably spread by underground rhizomes or other underground root system. They look so robust and happy there that if they had more room, they appear as if they would keep on spreading.

Sometimes we have plants that continue to spread to the point where they become invasive. In this instance, they must be contained. A great way to contain such plants is to put them in traffic islands, streetyards or other spaces surrounded by concrete. In this way, their beauty can be enjoyed without the worry of them becoming invasive and taking over the garden.

Oenothera berlandieri or Mexican Evening Primrose is an example of such a plant. In New Mexico where I once lived, the soils were very dry and the plant stayed put. However, when I moved back to the south and used it in my garden there, I quickly found out how invasive the plant was. It took much time and effort for me to eradicate it completely from my garden. I found out the hard way that it is much better to do a little advance research about a plant and its requirements before planting plants that are not indigenous to the region.

Mexican Evening Primrose brightens up a sidewalk planter where it can be enjoyed for it’s beauty and be contained.

Any plant, given the right growing conditions, has the potential to become an invasive species.

Bamboo is another plant that must be contained!

Here, the bamboo is planted in the middle of a streetyard with a deep barrier around it. There is product out there that will contain plants such as bamboo. The one I am most familiar with is called Deep Root.

To learn more about invasive and exotic plant species go Here.


  1. I have problems with invasive plants, too. Those pennywort is still invading my flowerbed and I have to pull them out daily.

  2. Pam, you certainly are right about some plants being invasive in one area but not in another. I am fighting star jasmine right now, and I am not winning.

    Always Growing

  3. The only invasive plants I have in my garden are lemon balm, I need to move it as it is taking over! That was a explanation on what to do, very informative, thanks.

  4. I am planning a post (have been for months) on ivy and my love for it. Don't care if it's invasive! It grows where little else does.

  5. I'm back with awards at my place. Come see.

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