Monday, May 11, 2009

The Future is Now

Take a tour of this new home with me. Hip and trendy exterior with rural setting. Check!

Modern kitchen complete with view. Check!

Stylish Living area with connection to Outdoors. Check!

Master Bedroom with Connection to Outdoors, a nice view and plenty of storage. Check!

Second Bedroom, Office Lounge, or Away room. Check!

And upper and lower outside living/deck areas. Check!

This is the Clayton I-House. It is actually a pre-fabricated “green home.” At 992-square feet, it is planned to enter the market at just $100,000!

Yes, you heard it right! Clayton Homes, one of the largest manufacturers of mobile homes and pre-fabricated homes has designed the I-House with green in mind. It is powered for a dollar a day, thanks to Low-E windows, solar augmentation, high-efficiency appliances and superior insulation. The solar panels on the roof don't supply all the home's needs, but they do cut electricity consumption in half. A tankless water heater and cistern collect rainwater from the roof for use in gardening, car washing or other outdoor uses. Floors are made of fast-growing bamboo, and paint and insulation are low- or zero-emission.

To see an on-line tour of this home, go Here. And to read more about it, visit Popular Mechanics’ Prefab Green Homes Get Affordable.


  1. Wow! This is amazing, isn't it? What a great idea. Love this!

  2. The exterior of this home is STUNNING!

  3. I'm not amazed...except by this new way to market factory built homes. I guess I shouldn't be surprised by that either. Is there anything on earth that hasn't been marketed as "green?"

    On the other hand I'm a big fan of the idea of houses built in factories. I'm not sure that these will attract the folks who are seeking green living.

    This is more realistic than factory built custom houses like the "This Old House" in Acton.

    I'd like to see someone design a neighborhood or subdivision full of these that overcomes the trailer park stigma.

  4. One more thing. What I like about traditional mobile homes is that they fit pattern "109. LONG THIN HOUSE" which does so much for interior and exterior comfort and interest.

  5. The exterior of this home is definitely the best part about it! Beautiful images you have shown!

  6. Also, Maria, the best part about it is the cost! Imagine, being able to buy something like this as your first home AND receiving the $8,000 U.S. Tax Credit for first time home buyers!

  7. I just love this! Honestly I would feel right at home. Perhaps I should consider to buy a little plot of land down south in the future...

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  9. OMG! The entire house is lovely! Is this already sold? The master bedroom is so hip. Reminds me of the houses I saw during my stay in Sarasota. The flooring of this house is so traditional and simple, yet beautiful. The bright color is just right.


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