Friday, May 1, 2009

A Meadow for Georgetown

Wolfgang Oehme and James Van Sweden have long been my heroes.  They have influenced at least a generation of landscape architects!  Here is a design they have completed in Washington, DC.  3303 Water Street is located in Georgetown.  The design is a sustainable one and features a large meadow overlooking the Potomac River.  It is typical of  Oehme and Van Sweden’s style.  They have the ability to design in large swaths, almost with a painterly touch.  Here is the view looking out toward the Potomac River.


Now, here are some other angles of the same meadow …


Look closely …


This is a sustainable Green Roof design in Georgetown! 


Can’t wait to see it the next time I’m in town!


  1. That is BEAUTIFUL... it looked HUGE... what an illusion!

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