Friday, September 11, 2009

From Tree to Table: A New Use for Fallen Leaves


Verterra is now making dinnerware from fallen leaves.  The company manufactures environmentally friendly plates, bowls and serving dishes from just two ingredients – fallen leaves and water.

Pack your picnic lunch, serve it up on these beauties and leave them for compost!  Guaranteed to decompose into beautiful Mother Earth in just two months!

What’s more, the company will even teach you how to compost Here

Go get your Green on!

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  1. Very interesting! Would have never guessed that those were made from fall leaves>
    pk @ room remix

  2. I don't know about the leaves part but I like the shape of the bowls and the picture of the falling bowls.

  3. I just love all the green (and very resourceful, creative) products that have been coming on the market. It just shows..., it's so possible once people put their minds to it.

  4. That is such a fantastic idea!! And not only for picnics, but BBQs in the backyard too :-)



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