Monday, September 21, 2009

Spotlight on Westover Landscape Design

Every now and then, it’s good to stop and admire some one else’s work.  Here is some work from Westover Landscape Design, a firm based in Westchester county, New York.

 Shanti Garden, Bronxville, NY

A Garden Path

 Slate-framed lawn

  Tarrytown, NY Terrace

 Townhouse Garden

 Westover on Hudson

I admire these spaces because of their simplicity.  I like their use of bluestone slate for the hardscaping and for the most part, their simple plant palette of grasses such as Hakoni grass and ferns, combined with shrubs such as hydrangea.  All provide a sense of unity and harmony.  The weeping habits are also restful providing for a feeling of tranquility.



  1. In a perfect world I could do all that stonework with my bare hands.

    Fabulous pics you chose.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  2. It's beautiful but intimidating to this amateur: I'm thinking it takes horticulture rocket science and big bucks to get simplicity like this. I'd like to be in all these places.

  3. Nice work. I have a bit of that Japanese Forest grass and have to find more ways to work it into my own garden. It's my favorite plant of 2009.

    Some of these gardens by Westover look like they're less designed, and more like they've been there forever evolving naturally.

  4. Beautiful!! I just love the garden path :-) The slate-framed lawn is really. cool. And I love the look of the patio in the Townhouse Garden, with the little area of plants and rocks. That's a look that I like every time I see it. Too bad we've finished installing our interlocking brick patio -- I'd love to create something similar. Although I suppose it isn't too hard to pull up some bricks. Hmmmm....


  5. Beautiful. I love the slate framed garden!

  6. That slate framed lawn is fantastic. Would it look as good with a kidney shaped lawn?

  7. Love the path, so natural. And I'm a big fan of grasses. They're zenish, low maintenance and also remind me of the seaside (no matter where they're from)


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