Thursday, September 24, 2009

A New Take on the Garden Bench

From Freshome, whimsical garden furniture.  Grow-your-own plants right on your very own bench or seat.


I wonder if they come complete with holes in the bottom for drainage?

How about bringing the garden to your very own concrete jungle with this bench?

Wood Garden Hanna Bench

Here’s a novel idea.   The Splinter Bench -- 2 chairs or 1 bench.  You choose.

For nautical lovers including Maya at Completely Coastal, a boat-shaped wood bench from David Trubridge.

David Trubridge

And a stunning Indoor/Outdoor bench from Acronym Designs. 


How about this sleek aluminum built-in?

My favorite is this striking organic wood bench from Diamond Teak.

Last but not least,  a modern take on timeless Adirondack chairs from Loll Designs.



Oh look, it’s Friday!  You know what that means … it’s time to check out Hooked on Houses Blog Party.  See what others are hooked on this week.


  1. The grow your own plant seat must be the most innovative design I have seen for a while. Unless I've missed out on something it looks completely unique and a great idea.

  2. What fun! I agree with your pick of the teak bench--art in the garden.

  3. So many fun benches :-) Some don't look all that comfortable, but each one is like a piece of art :-) The Splinter Bench is my favourite -- such a neat idea. And the Acronym Designs and Diamond Teak benches are super-cool.

    Thanks for visiting colourful Nova Scotia with me :-) It's such a beautiful place with so much to see and do. Definitely add it to your list of places to go :-)


  4. Wow there are so many fun benches. I'd love to see those bright chairs in a garden filled with color, just blending in almost!

  5. Wow... these are some awesome ART and functioning benches! Love them.

    If you ever get the time would love you to stop by.

    TTFN ~~ Claudia ♥ ♥

  6. The boat bench is so neat..., love the Wood Garden Hanna Bench too! Thank you so much Pam for the mention! I'm going to search for more coastal theme benches -it's a great idea and I want to return some link love!!

  7. It makes me happy to see other people think like me :-)

  8. Great collection of Teak Benches for your outdoor gardening place.

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