Sunday, August 9, 2009

Zen View

According to Christopher Alexander’s A Pattern Language, a zen view  is to

be found within the home or garden in an unexpected place which he calls the  transition zone.  It provides a

glimpse of something truly beautiful.




Griffin Enright Architects

Where is your zen view? 


  1. When I walk into my living room every morning I get happy just looking out at my beautiful garden and the stunning view of the city, water and mountains in Vancouver!

    Those are stunning photos you found!

  2. Atlanta is so hilly and curvy there are many zen views you can see while driving. All the better that they appear and disappear over the course of a block or less. They surprise and keep their mystery.

  3. OOOOOH I have a wonderful zen view...Like Maria it is in the morning when the light is bright but forgiving...wish I could photograph it...but cannot.

    Your images are amazing views!


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