Friday, August 28, 2009

2009 Pantone Color of the Year in the Garden

We all know that the Pantone Color of 2009 is Mimosa

This beautiful color can be found all over the garden in many different flowers.  One does not have to look hard to find it in just about any garden, especially at this time of year!


  NiinaC at flickr


 jpc101 at flickr


Bettendorf Photography at flickr


michael's photos at flickr

Canna Lily:

Mrs. Ramsay at flickr


agdenza at flickr


Gaetan Lee at flickr


Sam Howzit at flickr

Yellow Trumpet Vine:

Mohamad~ at flickr

In late summer, this color can be found front and center!  Many of these flowers are in full bloom now!

This week, I’m hooked on Mimosa, the 2009 Pantone Color of the year.  To find out what others are hooked on this Friday, visit Hooked on House's Friday Blog Party or The Inspired Room's Beautiful Life Party today!


  1. Ah, nature is always the best inspiration! Gorgeous flowers.

    Pam, I'm having a Giveaway @ Completely Coastal on Monday..., it's something you might enjoy, not only for its glow, but for its many designs, such as critters and leafs. So make sure you enter, and if you mention it on your blog, I'll enter you 3 times. Post goes up Sunday at 8PM Eastern.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I'm a bit resistant to "colors of the year" but not the colors. I'm going to keep my eye out for these flowers. Thanks.

  3. Incredible photos, beautiful flowers!!

  4. Gold yellows are so hot 'looking' in my already hot/humid zone. Would rather have soft yellows.

    In the real world?

    Gold yellows are peaking & thriving in my garden. Rudbeckia triloba, R. fulgida, and, R. fulgida fulgida. With no effort on my part or watering other than non-existent rain.

    Right plant, right spot. The gold yellows do better in my zone, 8.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  5. Love Mimosa in the garden. You selected such gorgeous pictures.

  6. What a lovely -- BRIGHT post...

    Your shots are spot on!!

    THanks for the inspiration

    TTFN~~ Claudia ♥ ♥

  7. Mimosa certainly deserves to be colour of the year. It's beautiful, it's vintage, it's all over the fashion world. It's also a colour full of cheer, when I look at your images I can't help but smile. So yes it's filled me with optimism and as you may have guessed definitely gets my vote.

  8. To be honest, yellow is probably my least-favourite colour. But wow, the flowers in the pictures you posted are beautiful!! Especially the Dahlia -- love the variation in colour and the shape :-)

    Thanks so much for your words of support and the link in your comment on my back to school post. The garden colours in your post are gorgeous!!

    Also, thanks for the tip about Michael Lin. I like immediate results, so learning a quick method of drawing sounds good to me!! :-)


  9. Yum...your mimosa blooms look practically...edible!

  10. Wow, what a beautiful line up of flowers! I'm ready to be sipping a mimosa while relaxing in a garden surrounded by the color! It's a great end of the summer color- gives you the sense that you are soaking up that last bit of summer sun!


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