Friday, April 2, 2010

Lose the Lawn

 Design/Build Rebecca Sams and Buell Steelman, Mosaic Gardens, Eugene, OR
Norm Plate
I don’t know about your area, but the price of water sure has gone up in mine.  We should all consider using xeriscape plantings now instead of a grass lawn.   Now, more than ever, it just makes sense.



  1. Thanks for the insight!

  2. That is beautiful! Would take something to get there though, one would need YOU!

  3. I think I have de facto xeriscape because we never water anything but containers. I fertilized once in the last decade. Our lawn took a beating in our drought and wasn't all that great to begin with. All the higher maintenance lawns took a beating too. Thankfully on my street lawn perfection isn't an issue.

    Am I wrong: Don't nice grassy lawns appeal to buyers with children? And my father would call bushy, heavy ground-cover areas "snakey places."

  4. Xeriscape it's called? It looks great in front yards! but in backyards? I don't know. Like Terry said, where children are involved, home owners might see lawn as more sensible.

  5. I like grass-free front yards. But, keeping the weeds in check is a bunch of work. This I know. For my yard, I vastly reduced the size of the lawn and I don't water what's there. Seems to work for the grass. As for the weeds that keep popping up around the plants, it's become a job.

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  7. I love it, and saw lots of this landscaping in San Diego.

    Art by Karena

  8. I have kept a campaign of NO LAWNS during the last four years, except for playing any sport except GOLF, the most environmentally destructive and wasteful sport.

    All lawns require use of oil, gas, fertilizer,
    insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, unless you use
    a push mower, cows or goats to keep it at lenght.

    The water waste is unforgivable in any part of the world, unless it is used water.

    Congratulations for bringing up the issue.

    How can any one claim being and environmentalist with the above conditions created by lawns?

  9. I'd be totally happy with that..., great to save water AND maintenance!

  10. What beautiful awe inspiring images...Think I'll just stay in them a little longer!

  11. I LOVE the first garden. Absolutely everything about it is beautiful.

    We're supposed to have a dry summer here this year, so it might be a good time to implement some of these ideas.


  12. I want you to write a book! I want more photos! LOTS more photos! Names of plants and landscape ideas for larger front lawns and lawns that are part sun/part shade!

    Please do it! I'm in central NC.

  13. Thank you all for your many comments! They are greatly appreciated. Maybe one day I will write a book!

    Thank you also for stopping by from time to time.


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