Friday, April 30, 2010

Grow Your Own Food

Now, it’s easier than ever to grow your own veggies at home!   Friends, meet the Food Map Container.  A garden on wheels.  Coming soon to your neighborhood I hope!

To order one for your home or garden, go Here.



  1. Rolling and elvated would suit us just fine. Do they come in green or terra cotta?

    P.S. Showed my JoAnn your Pink Muhley Grass. We're now proud owners for 2 clumps of Muhlenbergia x 'Pink Flamingos' from Gardenhood in Atlanta. Put them in big pots. We don't really have a space for them but I think they are going to be really good.

  2. Terry-- I think the tubs come in just white for now. Of course, they could always be painted. You won't be disappointed with the Muhly Grass -- you'll have to post photos of them in late September/October! Can't wait to see them in all of their glory! A very good choice!

  3. Very cool, especially for a porch or balcony.

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