Friday, April 16, 2010

Modern Architecture from Italy

Thumbs up to the wood decking leading to this house.  Wood is pervious, allowing water through the cracks.  The modern outdoor light fixtures illuminating the walkway to the house are also very cool and the wood screened courtyard provides a sense of mystery -- making me want to see what is behind it. 

From the street, I guess you could say that this house looks rather ordinary – like any other modern dwelling. 

But once inside however, one can see that it is special.   I see a zen view window in the kitchen.  I am sure that the white interior makes the narrow space feel much bigger.  The dining area opens up nicely to the outdoors.  Also, it looks like crystal chandeliers are still “in” … did they every go “out?”

WoW!  I can’t tell where the house stops and the landscape begins. 

The pool sits at the edge of the home with water cascading down from the roof overhang, offering a great connection between the nature outdoors and the living indoors.

Love this!  House design is by Damilano Studio.  It is called Maison De La Lumiere and it is located in Bologna, Italy.  I stumbled upon it at chic


  1. I think I need to see it. What I like most is how inside and outside combine into one space. Well, into many spaces. The relatively small kitchen window makes me want to walk up to it to take a look. It's not actaully a small window. The chandelier looks great in there.

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  3. Love the pool waterfall from the roof eave!


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